Yoga and Pilates Fit  - Mat Lessons Group /Private
Make your Heath a Priority
Yoga Fit
Yoga Fit asanas are for students of all levels.Practices include poses that increase flexibility and strength. The poses are linked into a series working core, mind and body. Practices  end with a relaxation component. 
Pilates Fit
Pilates Fit workouts create an equal balance between your abdominal and lower back musculature in order to build strength, agility and muscle tone. By focusing on your core muscles you will achieve improved posture, better balance, coordination and of course a leaner more toned body. Lessons will last approximately one hour and are presented as a constant flow in order to keep your heart rate up and burn the maximum number of calories. If you are seeking a fun class that will produce results, making you look and feel healthier, this class is for you
Yogalates Fit
Yogalates Fit workouts combine the best of Yoga and Pilates. Classes will include power yoga, pilates core intensive postures, restorative yoga and relaxation. In this class you will find yourself challenged, stretched, relaxed and refreshed.
Get Fit Where You Sit
If you find it difficult to get down on the floor and then back up again you will enjoy a chair yoga class. The chair replaces the yoga mat and becomes an extension of your body allowing you to take full advantage of yoga’s fitness and health benefits.  Even if you are in a wheelchair, you can receive the many benefits of chair yoga–the integration of body, mind, and spirit.
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